by Luke Janela



REDWOOD SUMMER is an energetic album. The songs are both aggressive and playful, joyful and heavy. Driving anthems make way for waltzy jams, all in a distinctive attitude, a mixture of desperation and undying hope.

“The album began as a whim. I wanted to recapture the sound of easier days, when making music was simpler. I wanted to capture the type of songs writ around a campfire somewhere up in the redwoods of Northern California.

In that sense, I didn’t really have to think much about ‘composing’ the songs. I just let them come, and I didn’t think about re-adjusting, re-thinking, re-tooling them for an external audience at all.

I was lucky enough to be collaborating with the amazing Molly Allis, who happened to be passin’ through town when I really decided only an awesome, raw drummer like her would do on the album. I was also recording with Aaron Ross and Cody Feiler, 2/3 of ‘The Heirs Of Mystery’, (I was the other 1/3) and I completely fell in love with the sound of their voices on anything.

On top of that, my luck really took a turn for the better when I got in touch with Chuck Ragan, musical idol and huge influence on my music since the earlier days of Hot Water Music. All these amazing folks agreed to record on the album and it began to take on a life of its own.

Also last and definitely not least, I happened to be collaborating and playing cello for the amazing Nevada City songwriter Aaron Ross, whose backup vocals are on "Wrecking Ball Heart". His sound, his aesthetic, and his songwriting embodied the Nevada City scene that I was helpless, I couldn't not be influenced by it.

At the time my life was solid and yet completely unraveled. I had a job but no real home, hopping from house to house doing house-sitting gigs and trying to figure out what to do next. I say that because I think the album reflects the excitement and strangeness of those times.”


released September 9, 2009



all rights reserved


Luke Janela Los Angeles, California

Luke Janela has been writing and recording music for many moons. He is a classically trained cellist, guitarist and singer. He has fronted 13 albums. All bare a distinct character and tend to defy simple classification.

His music is urgent and innovative, moving from punk to classical to electronic as a cohesive, contemporary whole
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Track Name: Strobe Light
I was startled from my revery
the passing of my dream.
I've been up upon the mountain very distant from the scene.
Hiding int he backcountry and walking in the trees,
the quietness surrounded me and brought me to my knees.

And I'll say
The lightning strikes are cool
they're so bright
I want to share with you
what they brought me
I want to give to you
Strobe Light
I want to give to you
Do you want it?

Caught between the chosen path and what they think I need,
I despise the wise advice that ties me to authority.
I know what I really want, I don't want to be spared,
when the lightning strikes the same place twice I want to be right there.

the lightning strikes are cool
so bright
i wanna share with you
what they brought me
I wanna give to you
Strobe light
I wanna give to you
Do you want me?
Track Name: Fever Saved Me
Scientifically speaking there is no question being asked.
The twilight of our meaning has yet to come or to pass.

Lone statues, entombed statutes,
have never worn my smile,
have never known your love.

You and me spinning round and round
dancing like the moon around this sound
everybody's looking out on the town
they don't understand what we have found
tell me that you want it
tell me that it's true
fear what you want but don't feel blue
fever saved me, let it save you
fever is dancing, here with you

And yet they're all claiming some part of
my attention, divided by their spoils.
So I ran with you for miles and miles, and many moons did indeed pass.
They could not understand what we were running from
but they never even bothered to ask.

I wanted your time, your heart with mine.
I couldn't find anything more my style.
Track Name: The Unattended Ball
There is no imagination and there is no way to tell:
which way to turn,
before the forming gale.

Our light is on the the setting and all things are on your mind,
as you sit underneath the park bench in the alleyways of time.

Your soul is like a safety net you wait for the ball to fall,
drinking wine with your friends at the unattended ball.

Changing out of your socks and shoes just to take a walk outside
while underneath the ballroom lights there's the training of the bride.
The girls line against the wall with their eyelashes fluttering.
You can't believe you're staring into the things you might have been;
you waited all of your life and you forgot to pocket the rose!
Though you may not recover from it, it doesn't matter.
Track Name: Wrecking Ball Heart
Way back start, wrecking ball heart
know me somehow, know me now.
Know how to feel a thing or two

Go there, I don't care,
I won't even start you again.
Go there, I don't care,
I won't even start about it.

Back to the start, wrecking ball heart.
You know my friend, who you are.
Know right now we don't have words for each other.

In the still of the night
I made everything right.
I could remember the feelings.
And I felt something,
and that's something…
I could recreate your meaning, if you know what I mean.
Track Name: True North
This is true: bliss isn't blue, whispers seep through the firs.
This is you wishest of you twisted into the world.
Play the fade in backwards ways it makes a different word…

You follow blindly with your heart full of lust,
the sky reminds you that you're one of us,
fall into our arms and know the trust.

Blackened heart into works of art that no-one will ever see,
built a castle of the past, it crashed with chastity,
slapped the silent turning of the other naive cheek.

A strange expression crafted into a bust
serves to remind me that I'm one of us…
fall into their arms and know the trust.

Start a great fire in your hearth.
Turn a blind eye to the lie.

True north lost we pay the cost with rivers of gasoline
the brightest flash of shock and awe that anyone's ever seen
unless of course you're with me and you've seen it in a dream.

You told the captain farewell to the arms,
spare time theory tattooed in your arms,
carry Mary back into the barn.

True scar that the latest blasted factory has converted,
through the black into the crass into the paradigm.
Spin the needle see no evil tell them what they want

and they'll repay you with a thought's reprise
give the living their own advice
spinning swimming in the serpentine skies.

Start a great fire in your hearth.
Turn a blind eye to the lie.
Track Name: Time Is Near
Holding on for the kiss of dawn
and you know by now that your time is near
Sinking stones it's the wish you've thrown
and you float right now on a cloud of tears
sit and wait for the fire to break
and you'd go right now but you're blind with fear
Run away with unseemly grace
and you know like how you could wind the years

It's the known ideal
and you have no idea
It's the newest deal
and you've shown the real
side of wisest knife
in the brightest light.
Stolen Roses they called you home
and you go like owl in the night austere
Sorry as always you wander hallways
you know by now are the mind's idea
wonder how you could wander now
when you're so close you can finally see it
holy water begins to fall
and you know by now that your time is near

It's so for real
It's the big deal
It's the wide sails
in the wildest gale
in the far beyond
it is all because...

You know by now that your time is near.
Track Name: Get Far
No use for it, you're going to be where you want to be when the day comes up.
She can't see how much you want her, you can't believe how much you want her.

And the evening comes, and it's love on water.
And your skin almost touches it all.

Everyone sees you can't be in two places at the same time, you can be in two places;
In the sky above, in your blood below.

Could it be it is all one show?
Could it be?

No use for it, you're going to end up somewhere, it's a sure thing now.
And your rambling and wandering will come to an end it seems.

But you can get far.
Track Name: Soundless
A startled recoil, all these shattered shadows falling all around us.
Weather patterns concede us ladders, a device to mount the clouds.

Scars of hope form your shell
yesterdays cast their spell.
No-one is going through this storm uncleaned,
so wrap up your mistakes and your memories
cast me a shadow in the form you seek to forget.

Once again, this time with more;
if it can't save you, what's it for?
The stars are exploding in my mind… but I forget to care sometimes.

Scars of hope form my shell
yesterdays wish me well.
I'm not going through this stormy dream
wrapped in the clothing of misery,
cast in statue and pass me through the light's line.
Track Name: Sweet Child
I am afraid of the unknown, I need a stepping stone, I need to have a home, don't want to be alone.
I want to take you with me on a journey, escape from all impossibilities.

Sweet child, free and wild, these days are just a passing phase.

We've got to take the first step and if we fall we fall, at least we'll see it all, we will have scaled the wall.
When we look back we will smile, we will have walked the mile, we will have faced the trial.

Sweet girl, unfurl your wings, don't fear anything.
Sweet child, free and wild, these days are just a passing phase.

I want to hold you in my arms and never let you go, if you could only know how much I love you so.
Track Name: Show Them
I'll take this road out beyond the town that raised me up, that held me down.
I'll drive through desolate dreams and forget to doubt these things.

I've been lost,
stuck in my head,
feeling blue,
seeing red.

Forget this loss,
forget this wall,
forget these troubles,
forget them all.

If you sit still for long enough, you'll hear that sound waking you up.
The sparkle in your eyes will turn into flame and burn you down again and again.

Where from here? Where to next?
Where is your compass? Place your bets.

Forget this loss, forget these walls,
forget these troubles, fuck them all.