The Beautiful Truth

from by Luke Janela



The Beautiful Truth is the first song off of "Tomorrow Was". It deals with issues of retaining your identity in times of change, the expectations that come with our chosen identity, and the beauty of those who seek beauty.

It features Adam Carson (AFI) on drums, and Molly Allis singing backup vocals.


Standing with a medal as they fake your photographs;
can't be anywhere else and to leave would be too crass.

Going through the motions drowns out all your biggest dreams...
climb the steeper mountains, scale the apex of your need.

Sun shined
Very blind
Climbed out once the cave was mined,
Oh so disinclined to wait and wait.

Numb crimes
Modern times
Hypocrites sanctified
Oh so mesmerized emotional state

The beautiful truth
oh the crude portrayal
scattered like birds to the wind
the remnants of betrayal

The least i could expect from thee is pictures of your grace,
that triumphant disaster buried right beneath your face.
You sing to me peculiar strains and seem to be amazed
that I can't seem to improvise soliloquies unfazed.

Back up from the bottom of a well I heard a sound
a faintly mouthed promise I had made and thought was drowned.
Stay wise to emptiness and get to know your place;
retreat from false imprisonments and self imposed disgrace.

Oh my, winter night hidden in the summer sky,
I don't like listening to the flowers freeze.

I sold my blissful lie to be in your wistful eyes,
don't cry and push me out, dry your cheeks.

Who made you?
Who made you so derailed?
Shattered hearts learn to be rebuilt,
eyes learn to see unveiled:

The Beautiful Truth,
oh the crude portrayal
scattered like birds to the wind
was it so distasteful?


from TOMORROW WAS, released November 11, 2011
Adam Carson - Drums
Molly Allis - Backup Vocals
Luke Janela - Cello, Synth, Vocals



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Luke Janela Los Angeles, California

Luke Janela has been writing and recording music for many moons. He is a classically trained cellist, guitarist and singer. He has fronted 13 albums. All bare a distinct character and tend to defy simple classification.

His music is urgent and innovative, moving from punk to classical to electronic as a cohesive, contemporary whole
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