Midnight Door

by Luke Janela

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* = Instrumental (no vocals)

Dreamy cello + dark beats + smart emotional lyrics = the Luke Janela sound on “Midnight Door”.

Midnight Door is an album of transition and motion. Being written while on the road for a year, living out of the back of a truck, the songs have a longing for both home and for pushing further. They are also a transition from the raw organic sound of Luke Janela’s previous work into the thick beats and electronically nuanced instrumentations.

The album is split into four parts:
South sounds sun filled, and dusty.
East is rumbling and urban,
North is dark, windswept,
and West is home, the destination, the beginning and the end.

Luke’s unique application of the cello drives the sound of “Midnight Door”. Listeners are immediately struck by Luke’s adaptation of the classical instrument to non-classical genres.

“This album was the first album I’ve done where I felt able to take the time to make it really really complete. I had spent the year traveling, I had the songs, the images, and the feelings in me, and all I needed was a home. I found one in Nevada City, a small vibrant community in the foothills of Northern California. I found a place to mix the tracks down, put down fresh cello parts (my cello was not on the road with me, sadly, just guitar), and write the final chapter.

It has now been a few months since the release and I have some more thoughts on Midnight Door. I just can’t get over what a crystallization this album became of one of the greatest things I’ve done with my time and life, which is to have traveled the United States for almost a year. When me and my girlfriend Kate were out there, we were SO out there, in the wild, in the open, and free. We also navigated the great cities, and felt the pulse of it all. When I listen to this album it is so much about the leaving, the being, the passing through, and then, unexpectedly, the returning.”


released July 7, 2007

Luke Janela: Producer, Cello, Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Bass, Beats



all rights reserved


Luke Janela Los Angeles, California

Luke Janela has been writing and recording music for many moons. He is a classically trained cellist, guitarist and singer. He has fronted 13 albums. All bare a distinct character and tend to defy simple classification.

His music is urgent and innovative, moving from punk to classical to electronic as a cohesive, contemporary whole
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Track Name: Closure
We sat beneath the stars and we gave them all a name
if you don't know me now,
you didn't know me then.
We sat beneath the stars underneath the sold sky waiting for a lifetime.

You're mad at your fate because you couldn't go back. If only you could get back on the track.
You know how to say it, you know how to dream, you know how to forget.

You start to doubt. You can't go around it.

So you go back to the start with your
in your hands,
you are hoping you can make them understand.
You stare out at the crowds as the writhed and writhed like clouds on a moon night.

Glossiness appalling, it takes your friends. You were hoping you could make them make amends.
You are going to believe in everything until you don't believe anymore.

I'm calling out.
Say you're alive.
I'm alive!
Track Name: Make Me Stay
I wanted you to make me stay... to throw a party for me like everyday.
Promise to me that it would be true that if I ever turned my back on you the stars would circle round in dust looking for a trace of us.
I wanted you to say to me "I'll throw away your skeleton key".

Could you tell me where to go? You tell me that you do not know.
If you see me disappear could you tell me what you hear?
I want to sing your favorite song. I wanted to sit in your throne. I wanted you to believe me. I wanted to be in your dream.
Track Name: You Can't Go Home
Let me take a while, like 27 years
to figure it out what I'm supposed to hear...
walking around with my hands to my ears
far from home, nowhere near.

I know what you want, but you can't go home from here.

Let me take a while like 27 years ,
round and round, hands to your ears.
All the time you spent trying to make an escape
left your home, couldn't wait.

I know what you want, but you can't go home from here.
Track Name: Porcelain Backdrop
I think that I could see through
if I just squint my eyes.
You'll think that I am smiling,
I think that you'll be right.

You saved my boat from sinking.
You make my nights complete.
Another storm is forming
over the sea.

The clouds they rise from us.
The lightning brightly bursts.
The twilight writes its verse
on her skin.

I try describing it,
but I lie inside of it.
Our bed is made of stars,
that's who we are.

I think that I could breathe through
one more drawn out phrase.
I think I finally understand
the shortening of the days.

The storms are dreams demolished,
the rain is coming down,
we formed a bond forever,
we never spoke a sound.

The clouds, they rise from her.
The lightning brightly bursts
the twilight writes its verse
on her skin.

The cities build in us,
they stand on stilts in dust.
The water is rising fast,
it's here at last!
Track Name: Now All The Swords Are Blunt
It's time to bend again, befriend the wind again.
The cards are dealt my friend, a hand for you to win.

The silver linings round the storm clouds have been polished…
and when you finished tending to your sprawling garden,
your tools were sharpened.

Predicted right again, you're finally on the mend.
It's time to trade the war for a door inside a door.

It's time to borrow rays of light from silenced fires!
And when you get your hands on lightning, hold it tightly, day and nightly.

Now all is said and done, now all the swords are blunt.

You changed your consequence into necessary solace.
With all your wandered paths along the highway
you'll get to tell them all "at least I did it my way".

Infinite minutes tick while wishes are regarded, the soft is hardened.

And when you get your hands on lightning hold it tightly, day and nightly.
Track Name: The Vastest Highway
Someone tell the darkened clouds to change their way, turn around.
Wonder waits beyond the vastest highway like a need.

Don't assume the road will go to anything.
Don't assume the road will lead to anything.
Don't assume the road will lead to anything at all.

Somewhere there begins the life, the sharpened blade,
somewhere there begins the life I promised I would lead.

I don't assume the night will tell me anything.
Don't assume the night will tell you anything at all.

Sailing on the sea, stars they lead the way.
Changes in the weather, phrase and then refrain.

Someone tell the alchemist: I felt the pain, I felt the bliss, I mixed them up, created this, a sighing melody.

I won't be needing anything.
I don't believe in anything.
Don't believe in anything.
Track Name: Up Into The Blue
Reservoirs, shooting stars, fall between your eyes.
Hundred mile, shy smile, begging you to try.
Thundercloud, tall and proud, petulant and snide.
Don't know how, even now, to say goodbye.

Wait for the truth to come, be enthralled.
Hold your head up, don't resist.
Everyone will be absolved… hold your hands out, get a piece of it.

Everywhere in the air, only thing I saw.
Last chance, happenstance, drawing of the straws.
Maybe wow, somehow, it'll disappear. Don't know how…
even now… to shed a tear.

Stay up all night, hear the word. Finally.
Everyone will be absolved. Hold your hands out, take it quietly.

Forgot back then, played pretend, glimmer in your eyes.
Perfect light, clear and bright, brilliantly alive.
Everywhere you would be, I would be too.
Perfect sky, learned to fly up into the blue.
Track Name: Owls And Vultures
Wings are intact, try and deny it.
Dreams of museums, finding flight.
Twilight vultures ride the heights, trying to find the quietest quiet.

Their talons hold the sunset in mid-air,
no-one here is going anywhere.
The clocks will stop, and the waves will cease,
I will be awake for this minute at least
and you won't be gone, you will still be there.

Sky was black, stars were white,
waiting for you all night.
Midnight owls avoid the light
trying to hear the quietest quiet.

Who am I to tell you you should care
that the seeds you planted are growing everywhere?
Feeling lost? Seeking peace?
Follow the markers in your dreams, they won't be gone, they will still be there.
Track Name: Born In The Storm
We can't be the same as them.
Though I tried once, I won't again.
Time is coming to tell the truth, and those between us will lose.

Springtime flowers, October breeze, Summer hours, Winter's peace.
I can't sleep at night unless you are by my side.
I can't sleep at night, the sky is too wild.
Track Name: Alternate Purpose
Say what you want me to be and I will be that, anything.

Hey, for the knives are brighter than promises, any day.

Old enough, gold enough… are your songs gold enough to hear?
Gold enough, cold enough… your smile is cold enough to fear.

Pray for another OK when it seems that your knees are giving way.

Stay by the lonely gate and you will dream I was seen selling grace.

Was I good enough? Was I good enough?
Holding to on the last surprise while the coldest fire was in your eyes.
Is it bold enough to be realized, have I sold enough to win the prize?
Good enough for you to say, was I good enough for you today?
was I gold enough for you today?

Trade trade trade all the traitors obscene, with their hold on the old souls' reckoning.

Wait for the seventh state, all the needs will be met and the peace will await.

Good enough for you today, was I good enough for you today?
Well then yay! Yay!