JUNEAUREVOIR - Works for Cello

by Luke Janela



JUNEAUREVOIR features all cello, all the time. The compositions dance from piece to piece in an almost whimsical manner, but the emotional resonance of the songs is apparent. The timbre of the cello dominates the drive of the album, layers build and create thick harmonies, textures collide.

The theme for the song titles on this album came from a trip to the island of Sao Jorge, part of the Azore Islands (in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, two-thirds of the way from New York to Lisbon). The feeling of being in a far off, extremely beautiful and incredibly potent place resonated well with the music. Among the many highlights was the opportunity to hear traditional Azorean music in an intimate setting. Many of the songs were recorded after the trip and were inspired directly by the journey.

This album is dedicated to my family, my father, my mother, my three amazing brothers, my many supportive aunts and uncles, and seemingly countless cousins! It is especially dedicated to Sao Jorge.

I’ve been wanting to make this album for a long, long time. Even before I got myself schooled classically, I would write instrumentals. There is something about being freed from words that allows a song to take the listener where they want to go.

I consciously tried to keep these songs compact, and listenable. I think that my own capabilities came into play, but also, I like the idea that pop sensibilities can lend a hand to the world of modern composition. I think there is room for any such influence. I don’t personally think it matters, if you like the music. One of my favorite composers is Dvorak, who was able to take folk songs and turn them into rich, complex pieces that are just... amazing to listen to.

I think there will be many more albums like this to come. I enjoyed it as a respite and a refuge from my other music. I love the cello so much, and could basically endlessly put pieces together for it.


released September 9, 2009



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Luke Janela Los Angeles, California

Luke Janela has been writing and recording music for many moons. He is a classically trained cellist, guitarist and singer. He has fronted 13 albums. All bare a distinct character and tend to defy simple classification.

His music is urgent and innovative, moving from punk to classical to electronic as a cohesive, contemporary whole
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